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"I'm tired; I'll finish my assignments later."

Translation:Je suis fatigué, je finirai mes devoirs plus tard.

April 12, 2020



Je suis fatigué, je finirai plus tard mes devoirs pourquoi pas bon?


In French, put the thing first and the time second.


je me demande aussi


Do you really use "Assignments" for "Homework" in the US?

These sentences put me more in mind of Mission Impossible rather than school work!


No - it's mostly only used by the prof, as in, "your assignment for next week is ... ," and even then "homework" is probably used more often. I have never heard anyone say, "I have to do my assignments."


Merci beaucoup for that insight Kelly :]


Deepl suggests "je terminerai mes missions plus tard" but I did not have the nerve to submit it.

"Je suis fatiguée ; je terminerai mes devoirs plus tard." is accepted though.

It tickles my nascent French ear better than "finirai", although the first verb that sprung to my mind was "complèterai", which I have not yet got to try out.


At uni "assignment" is used rather than homework. It's probably because homework, in the school sense, can be a mix of things from reading x amount of pages of the course book, to writing answers to a list of questions, to writing an essay which is rarely longer than a couple of pages long, to creating something for art class with specific items... (Oh, the nightmares they cause for parents! Lol)

In other words, it can be pretty much anything, whereas "assignments", even at high school, _tend _ to be the longer, more involved side of things (essays, maths questions, surveys...). Eg the OU has "TMAs" & "CMAs" (tutor & computer marked assignments, the latter pretty much being the purview of maths/science courses).


But I thought the adverb immediately followed the verb


Placement of adverbs depends on the type of adverb and a few other considerations, so it is not something that you can apply a blanket rule to. Here is a good guide to the basics:



Assignment is not an unusual word in Australia


Why not "Je suis fatigue, je finirai plus tard mes devoirs." ??


J'ai sommeil, je finirai mes devoirs plus tard I think j'ai sommeil also could be used for being tired


i think "avoir sommeil" is to be sleepy rather than just tired


why not completerai?

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