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"Je vais juste prendre un petit bout de fromage."

Translation:I'm going to just have a small piece of cheese.

April 12, 2020



"I'm going to just have" and "I'm just going to have" do not mean quite the same thing in English. In the latter, just modifies the timing. In the former it modifies the number of pieces...


Why not : "I am going just to have..."


That sounds very unnatural. I wouldn’t say that or Duo’s version. I’d say ‘I’m just going to have ...


It occurs to me that the developers of this course have English as a second language!


Here "going" doesn't mean to travel somewhere, but a future plan, so "to" must be attached to it. You must keep them together "going to".

Either "just going to" or "going to just" are fine, although like Jenny, I prefer "just going to"

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My mistake, I thought the word in the word bank was "lump".


"I'm going to just have..." is weird word order -- "Just" expresses restraint to modify or clarify the extent of something, in a limiting way, perhaps in French too I suspect. Better to use: "I'm going to have just a small piece" or "I'm just going to have a small piece". Since the French emphasizes "prendre", it shoud be "I'm just going to have...".


According to me, "I'm going to have just a small piece of cheese." should be the right transliteration/response.


"I'll just have a little bit of cheese" - is also accepted!

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