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Studying French With a Foreign Exhange Student

I just hit 100 crowns!! I have been studying french for a while and am on a 22 day streak. One of my Mom's friends has a foreign exchange student from France, Cyrielle, and we have been emailing me and she has been helping moi avec mon Francais. I am so grateful for her and hope I might be able to become fluent. It may seem hard but if you keep pressing forward it will come to you. Sometimes when someone says something my mind just automatically translates it into French. It does help (pour moi) to watch movies with english audio and french subtitles. I hope you will be able to achieve your goal of learning..... (fill in the blank :)

April 12, 2020



Good job! I think that conversations with someone experienced with the language really helps.


good for you! i hope its comes to me this easy! i love french


Well done! Hope you can achieve your dream of becoming fluent!


That’s so cool!


This is good work you go in good direction and soon you will jump on the next level....... I reccommend you Italki to find people to conversation

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