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  5. "De man heeft een schaap."

"De man heeft een schaap."

Translation:The man has a sheep.

July 19, 2014



When I was little, I learned a Dutch song that may be of help to some of you in remembering this: "slaap, kindje slaap. Daar buiten loopt een schaap . . ." Sleep, child, sleep. Outside there walks a sheep . . .


How about schaapje schaapje heb je mooie wol? Ja baas, ja baas 10 zakken vol.

And so on. I think there is an english version of that one aswell


I will now forever think of Jeremy Schaap on ESPN as Jeremy Sheep. Thanks.


You can make the g or ch sounds as if you're about to spit. You know this 'ggrcg spit' sound. If that made any sense... Haha


Yes but it sounds very unpleasant (to my native ears) only a small region say it like that (though quite populated)

Not only that the audio here even seem to exagerate that type of sound.

I wouldn't be able to have a long conversation if someone really talked like that all the time. Computer voice could use a tweak. Or some cough sirop...


How is schaap pronounced? Here it sounds kind of like skaap? But google translate makes its sound like shaap?


The 'sch' sound is neither like a k nor sh, though both are approximations that might be understood by sympathetic listeners.

You have to combine a regular s with the Dutch g (that tricky velar/glottal fricative). Since you've done a fair bit of Spanish, you could say it's like a noisier Spanish 'j' like in "Juan" or "ojos". Practice, practice, practice.


thanks. that's very helpful. I think I got it now.


So "ch" may has the same sound as "g"?


Different Dutch/Flemish accents vary on this point. (I don\'t know the details, but I do know that this sound varies.)


Check schaap here it has a better pronounciation.

And you can check all the other sounds too. An awesome site!



Why "have" is wrong ?


Because the man uses third person singular > He has


Why is it not: de man hebt een schaap?

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