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"The breakfast is an egg and coffee."

Translation:Het ontbijt is een ei en koffie.

July 19, 2014



It might be worthwhile including the article when words are first introduced.


Yeah, I was thinking that. We weren't taught it's 'het ontbijt', it's a 50/50 stab.


There are general trends, and 75% of words take 'de', but it's still sufficiently random that it'd definitely be worthwhile.


But I see you are level 23 in German - I took a guess on "het" because it's "das Frühstück" in German, worked :)


Yes, I've recently noticed if it's "Das" (Neuter) in German, it's probably "Het" in Dutch

Das Pferd - Het Paard

Das Frühstück - Het Ontbijt

Das Menü - Het Menu

Das Ei - Het Ei

I'm sure there are examples to the contrary, but it seems to work as a general rule. It must be even more difficult for those who don't speak German, however.


OMG, I'm still in the start and dutch is getting harder and harder... I'm loving it! :)


Why is it Het instead of De?


Could I say "Morganeten?"


Definitely would be helpful. The dictionary hints only give both. Totally a shot in the dark. Unless that's the way they like it here in the Dutch omniverse.


De and het are going to drive me crazy


i do wish there was an easier way of sorting out het and de; i agree with you that they should introduce them together.

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