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"The boy and girl study at home."

Translation:Puer et puella domi student.

April 13, 2020



I was used to plurals and didn't even notice this one was differente lmao good play duolingo


So if the subjects are two separate individuals, there's no use for 'sunt'?


There is no use for sunt since student is the verb. Having both student and sunt would be like saying 'are study' or 'are are studying' in English.


Owwww got it! Thanks mate


Would " puer et puella domi student" sound right as well?


"Puer et puella in domi student" sorry


No, domi is the locative case and is not used with the preposition in. The locative already specifies location while in is used with the ablative case to specify a location (since the ablative has other uses as well).

Not all nouns can use the locative. Names of cities, towns, small islands and a handful of other nouns like domus can use the locative.

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