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"She is a singer at the Paris Opera."

Translation:Elle est chanteuse à l'Opéra de Paris.

April 13, 2020



why is it L'opera de Paris versus L'opera a New York? de versus a.....


'de paris' is an adjective form and means what the english sentence has above. 'à new york', the 'à' is a preposition and is used to mean 'in' as 'in new york'. https://www.wordreference.com/fren/de item 5.


Why not "C'est une chanteuse à l'Opéra de Paris"?


Why not 'du opera à Paris' ? I thought it should always be à before a city name.


read my comment to commediadellarte. the opera house in paris is 'l'opera à Paris'. 'at the paris opera' is 'à l'opéra de paris'.


patrickpiz1 you say here now that it should be 'a Paris', whereas before you said 'de Paris' , as well Duo wants 'de'.... is it just a typo?. (I admit the preposition 'de' here is hard to get in my head. )


L'Opéra de Paris is a certain building in Paris. It's a fixed name mentioned in the famous novel "The Phantom of the Opera", a.k.a. Le fantôme de l'opéra.


not sure if the reason that it is a certain building is crucial here....As in New York too it is a certain building. Thus it would be L'opera de New York' with that logic, I think. Maybe someone else could time in here and give detailed explanation when 'de' and when 'a' for places where consistently cultural events of the same kind happen (like for example there are also theatres with names, famous, and that have the city of their location attached to them, for example Schauspielhaus Hamburg. So would that be 'Schauspielhaus de Hamburg', or 'Schauspielhaus a Hamburg'.?


Should 'chez' be accepted instead of 'à'?


Est-ce que elle s'appelle Christine Daae?


'de' refers to OF Paris not IN Paris so both should be valid. But it is supposed to read "of the opera in Paris" which is "de l'opera a Paris"...

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