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To the course authors: Thank you!

I've just completed the Scottish Gaelic course, and wanted to thank you for an enjoyable and very worthwhile time.

I'd mostly encountered Gaelic on maps before (I'm a hill-walker), and now live in a Highland village which has only one native speaker left.

I just had a few words of Gaelic when I started, and am now in the position that I can use dictionaries (such as on learngaelic.scot) and make intelligent decisions about taking my learning forward (I'm looking at the Teach Yourself book). And when, very occasionally, someone in the local pub says, "Ciamar a tha sibh?", I now know what it means!

Many thanks again for the course!

April 13, 2020



Well done have 5 lingots


Feasgar math, Mark! Mòran taing! That is really appreciated. So glad you have enjoyed the course!


Allow me to add my own big thank you to the volounteers who made this course possible! I compleated the tree this afternoon (155 days). I will miss Iain, Mòrag, Caelean, Seumas.... and all our favourite characters! Mòran taing :)

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