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"Your joke is bad; I hope it's the last one."

Translation:Ta blague est nulle, j'espère que c'est la dernière.

April 13, 2020



Why does it have to be "c'est" - I wrote "Ta blague est nulle, j'espère qu'elle est la dernière" but it is wrong for some reason


"Elle est la" is a no-go.

"Il/Elle est + determiner + noun" has to change to "C'est + determiner + noun"

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Could you say Ta blague est nulle; j'espere que c'est l'une finale.


No, it doesn't work. Final(e) is hard to use in lieu of dernière, and it would only work with a noun, not a pronoun.
You could imagine j'espère que c'est ta blague finale but it really sound odd and not natural.


What's wrong with "ta plaisanterie est nulle..."?


Ta blague est nulle, j'espère que ça soit la dernière. Is this really wrong?


You may use the subjunctive mood but it is unusual. However, the subject of "est/soit" must be "ce" to translate "it" and not "that".

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