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je envie / j'ai envie

Hi guys, can someone help me understand the difference between JE ENVIE and J'AI ENVIE? I saw in a lesson here the phrase "j'ai envie d'autres choses" translated as I want other things.

So why not Je envie d'autres chose? Why did they use the "avoir"?

April 13, 2020



"Je envie" isn't a French sentence. It would need a liaison. Envie is a noun meaning "longing" or "desire." "Avoir envie" is a set phrase that means "to want/be in the mood for." Meanwhile, "J'envie" is the first person conjugation of "envier," which means to envy. It can also mean "to covet or to long for," but the phrase being taught to you is "avoir envie."


 Je envie.
 J'ai envie.

Je envie is incorrect. You would rather say j'envie, it means I envy or maybe I'm jealous.
J'ai envie (de) means I want, I would like or I'd fancy.


J'envie = I envy <-- the verb is «envier»

J'ai envie de ... = I have desire for ...


ok then what about "je veux"?


Je veux means I want.

[deactivated user]

    There are multiple ways to say things in every language.


    J'ai envie de quelque chose, j'en ai envie, J'aimerais l'avoir I desire it, I hope it, i'd like it

    Je veux quelque chose, je le veux I want it, I'm decided to have it


    Just to let you know, you would never say 'je envie' As the word Je is followed by a word starting with a vowel (or a h in some cases) you would use J'. This is also the same for Le and La. E.G l'homme, j'ecris, l'hopital


    thanks!! i always forget this rule


    They used the avoir as you have a desire for other things, hence using "j'ai" instead of "je".

    [deactivated user]

      Envier is a verb (j'envie etc) - meaning, as others have already said to envy or be jealous of.

      Envie is a noun, a "false friend" meaning a want or a desire.

      j'envie d'autre choses means I envy other things; j'ai envie d'autres choses means I have a desire for other things.


      I'm still confused as to when i would use je veux and when i would use j'ai envie.. They both mean I want.. but how can I differentiate them?

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