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Favourite Spanish Sentences

I know this is frivolous, but some sentences and their comments have made me smile or laugh out loud. Thank you for this learning bonus DL! Here are some of my favourite Spanish gems, the existential, the tragic and the sordid. Please add to the list if you wish:

Su animal interior (Your inner animal) Tienes ropa interior vieja (You have old underwear) Usted siempre aparece en la noche (You always appear in the night) El pretende que el hombre es un pinguino (He pretends that the man is a penguin) Eres el rey de petroleo (You are the king of petroleum) It is a die/It is not a die (???) You do not exist (???) Si, eres humana (Yes, you are human) Es un mano humano (It's a human hand) Yo te quiero, pero no mucho ( I love you, but not much)

May 5, 2013

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Two from the earlier lessons:

"Los hombres comen una fresa. (The men each eat a strawberry. But, to our beginner ears it sounds like "The men eat a strawberry." Lots of comments on that lesson. : )

"Tu oso bebe cervesa." (Your bear drinks beer.)

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