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How can I figure out who a student is who registered with just a weird email?

I have had a student join my class and all I can see is a weird email address. It looks like a random password was used for the username. Is this spam?

April 13, 2020



No, do not remove this student. Occasionally (like once a year), I will get a glitch where a student shows up with numbers and letters. Use process of elimination to determine which student, then contact the student. Tell him to

click on the blue silhouette in the upper right

scroll down to "settings"

click on "progress sharing"

Have him input your classroom code again.

This should fix the problem!

Post here if this is the issue.


Thank you -- that was my plan, once I figured out who it was. However, I have emailed all of the students that are not yet accounted for, and none have claimed that weird identity. So it's still a mystery. :)


I read somewhere that it has to do with students whose accounts (or email addresses?) are automatically created by Duolingo. The system just makes up something because it has no real value to use. Does that help shed any light on what's going on?


That certainly sounds plausible. I'll just wait and see if the person ever does any work. So far, none. :)


Well at least it's not a good student getting cheated out of credit for all their hard work, I suppose.


I think it's very simple

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