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  5. "J'aime aller à la campagne."

"J'aime aller à la campagne."

Translation:I like going to the countryside.

April 13, 2020



Why is it wrong to say I like to go to the countryside - why is it I like going to the countryside


You are not wrong.

Using the infinitive 'to go' is a better translation.


how can it possibly be better? there isn't any one-to-one correspondence between the way english speakers use infinitives and other language speakers use infinitives. there isn't even an absolute correspondence between some english speakers and other english speakers. it's a preference. there are no preference police.


It can always be better patrick maybe even more correct and believe me in this forum the preference police are lurking usually the interpol police though but have fun "remove the cork"


something else was wrong.


Moi aussi, j'adore la campagne.


Using countryside is awkward. Americans would say to the country,


I don't know how to put the accents so please help


Why does the Duo pronunciation for "campagne" sound like "compagne?" In other words, I hear an "o" rather than an "a" in the pronunciation. Is that accurate? For comparison, "un animal de compagnie" sounds like an "o" in Duo's pronunciation of "compagnie"--exactly the same way it sounds in "campagne." See my problem?


I do. I can hear it properly said by the woman’s voice though.


I agree—the woman’s voice has a different pronunciation. But the man’s voice is not distinct.

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