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"Don't be afraid to write her a long e-mail."

Translation:N'aie pas peur de lui écrire un long e-mail.

April 13, 2020



I don't understand this one at all. "aie" is seen both in the past subjunctive and the past imperative, but the phrase seems to warrant either the subjunctive present or present imperative- which is "sois" in each case. Help !


Sorry but no. The present imperative forms of avoir are: aie, ayons, ayez. The form for the expression is: avoir peur de. So the "Don't be afraid of" is either, "N'aie pas peur de" or "N'ayez pas peur de". Hope this helps :)


It helped me a great deal! I wasn't sure of the conjugation of "avoir" in this case, and you precisely gave it to me.


"Lui" can be used for either "to him or to her". Is there a way to identify the gender of the indirect object?


Only the context.


Yes. Amazing isn't it? It's one of the weaknesses of the French language. Lord only knows why it has not been fixed sometime in the centuries past, especially in view of the insistence on correctly identifying the so-called "gender" of the following noun!

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