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I'm having a hard time pronouncing words.

I read that once I know how to sound out the letters it is pretty consistent in Gaelic for reading and sounding out words. I don't seem to be getting anywhere with pronouncing words properly, I think I say something right but then i'm far off. Is there a program or an article or something that i can use to help me. I don't want to get in a habit of saying everything wrong. Thanks

April 14, 2020



Without a native or at least fluent speaker to practise with and question, your best tool for getting the pronunciation will probably be to listen to as many native speakers as possible. There are Scottish Gaelic radio stations that stream/podcast online. Eg https://internetradiouk.com/bbc-gaidheal/


LearnGaelic.scot has learning material and recordings at many levels.


Here is a link to the sounds of individual letters


Here is a link to the Beginner's course which covers a few new words at a time (it includes recordings)


Here is a link to a different beginners course which shows a little grammar and phrase recordings in each lesson followed by 2 or 3 conversations that include recordings and gaelic & english text.


Also the LearnGaelic dictionary provides recordings to most words:


Gaelic with Jason on youtube has a number of recorded lessons.


You could get started with the "Get Started with Gaelic" playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-LGRNIyD88&list=PLFf_f4NNGLdkx4Rb3cdBPXshsz4qHAsNF

As usual, I can't get all the paths to show up as actual hyperlinks but they should work to cut and paste.

Good luck with your Gaelic


Thank you! I will definitely check these out:)

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