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No notification when Dutch came out

Hi, did anyone else sign up for the notification for the Dutch course ("Notify me when available", like here for Irish) and not get one?

Although I joined the course within the first few hours or so... so maybe that is the reason?

July 19, 2014



I signed up for those notifications for a lot of courses (almost all I think :-)), but I never got a notification when the courses came out, so I guess it doesn't really work. Actually about a month or so I suddenly got four or five notifications for courses that were already in beta for a while, so I thought maybe they fixed it, but like you I didn't get a notification for Dutch either.

PS: I also started the Dutch course the day after it came out but the other notifications I got were also for courses that I already started, so I don't think that changes anything.


I got one! Via email


Me neither. Maybe, they mean they'll notify us when the course is out of beta?...


I just heard about it myself, so I don't think you're too far behind. Glad to see the languages expanding! Now I just have to find people I can use them with.

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