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"The child had lost its parents."

Translation:Het kind had zijn ouders verloren.

July 19, 2014



why there is "its" instead of "his" here?


You would say "The boy has lost his parents; The girl has lost her parents; The child has lost its parents.


can this Dutch sentence also mean the child's parents had died, which the English can mean?

[deactivated user]

    Usually though, we use: "Het kind was zijn ouders kwijtgeraakt." Which exludes the possibility of the parents being dead.


    This is great: "kwijt" was borrowed from French ("quit") in the 13th century, and also appeared in English (as "quit") via Norman French around the same time. So I reckon "kwijtraken" means something like "to no longer touch" as in "to have been separated from."

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