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मेरा ... है vs मेरे पास ... है

I think I've come across (say) sentences like both मेरी बिल्ली है and मेरे पास बिल्ली है to mean I have a cat. I was wondering what the difference between the two is in meaning, if any?

April 14, 2020



In the first sentence you are owning the cat - it is my cat In the second you are having a cat, it may be or may not be yours - I have a cat. The main difference is the language, in saying meri billi hai the subject is billi and in second you are the subject. So they have different meanings


Thank you, that was helpful. :)


'के पास' when used with people is used to indicate ownership. Eg: नेहा के पास एक बड़ी गाडी है (Neha has a big car) , मेरे पास बहुत सारे किताबें हैं (I have a lot of books).

However, it cannot be used to indicate to say that you 'have' something in a figurative sense but don't have 'ownership' over, like relatives. In this case you leave out the पास. For example- नेहा की दो बहनें हैं। This is saying 'Neha has two sisters' but is literally more like 'Neha's two sisters exist'.
It can also be used for other intangible possessions. Eg: मेरा एक सपना है (I have a dream).

Pets are a grey area and you can use either form though it is more common to use के पास.


Great explanation thanks!


Actually one more question. So would it be correct to describe के पास as being for alienable possessions and the other for inalienable possessions. Or is it a bit more subtle than that?


Generally yes but it may be a tad bit more subtle. For example, you can say 'मेरे पास दिमाग है' (I have a brain) though your brain is inalienable.

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