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  5. "Hoelang duren weken?"

"Hoelang duren weken?"

Translation:How long are weeks?

July 19, 2014



Zeven dagen lang.


honderd en achtenzestig uur lang


Voor 23h 56m 4.1s per dag: zeshonderd drieduizend honderd achtenveertig komma zeven seconden per week.


Shouldn't it be "honderd achtenzestig"? Or am I mistaken, or are both ok?


You're almost right, it should be honderdachtenzestig (without the space).

  • Honderdachtenzestig = 168
  • Honderd en achtenzestig = 100 and 68, so two numbers.


I don't know. How long are weeks doesn't really sound natural to me. "How long is the week" or "How are long are the weeks" sounds slightly more natural.

Would "How long do the weeks take?" also be acceptable in this case or does that have a different translation altogether? This sentence has just really baffled my brain. It probably doesn't help my brain is feeling quite mushy right now.


I too wrote "How long are the weeks" because it was slightly more natural to say. I think it should be accepted.


"How long do the weeks last?" should be acceptable as well, I think.


604,800 seconds. Was not accepted. ;) EDIT: It was a joke. Ppl gotta be pretty boring to down vote such a thing


Someone downvoted me lol.

Anyways serious question. Does the dutch word duren have any direct relationship with the English word duration?


Yes they are! They're both related to the French durer.


Great! good to know thank you!


In case anyone else finds it helpful, "duren" seems to be a cognate of the German "dauern". "Wie lang dauern Wochen?"


The most common way to ask this would be: "How long is a week?"


I totally heard 'duur' and not 'duren'



Is it common to say "how long do weeks last?"? I really need a native English speaker here.


No, it's odd. I'd say "how long is a week"?


You could say either "How long do weeks last?" or "How long does a week last?" Personally, I feel that "How long are weeks?" and "How long is a week?" sound a little more natural, but only slightly so.

Is that exact expression common, though? Well, I guess most people nowadays are only concerned with 7-day weeks, even though many other week lengths have been used throughout history, so I would have to say no – it's not common. =)


Perhaps if you were saying it figuratively, or rhetorically. For example, I get paid in two weeks. How long do weeks last?

Meaning I am impatient and would like to get paid today.


Can someone please explain where the "are" comes from? Why is not hoelang zijn weken?


in this case the word "are" comes from the verb "duren", which literally means, "last" as in how long something lasts. Since we aren't asking in English, "How long do weeks last?" we change it to, "How long are weeks."


How long do weeks take? How long weeks are? ...

This word duren that takes multiple meaning is causing me a lot of trouble. I must be checking the suggestions every time.. :(


If you think about.. they mean pretty much the same thing... Don't get caught too much with the literal translations...


I wish I did not have to... but Duo is quite unforgiving :(


If it helps, the verb "duren" is a close cognate with "duration." It's like the Dutch verb form of "duration," which is basically the same as the English verb "to last."


Why can't I say "Hoelang zijn weken?"


That should be an accepted answer.


Is there a different between "hoe lang" and "hoelang"? I believe I've seen them both

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