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  5. "It is between the books."

"It is between the books."

Translation:Het staat tussen de boeken.

July 19, 2014



Can I use is here as well, or is only staat allowed?

[deactivated user]

    It's not wrong grammatically but it is quite unusual to use 'is' in this case. Mostly we use either:

    • staat (when the 'it' is placed vertically, like vase or a glass)
    • ligt (when 'it' lies flat, like a sleeping cat)
    • bevindt zich (if you don't want to specify the actual position of 'it' )

    Note that 'tussen' means both 'among' and 'between', so when you say:

    • Het ligt ergens tussen de boeken.

    It usually means:

    • It is somewhere among the books.


    Dank u wel. Esa es una buena explicación. :)

    • 2679

    Het is tussen de boeken. Accepted 24 Aug 2014 Alexis.


    I put "in" at the end, since it has happened in other sentences. Is it acceptable?


    It seems weird that the "in" is considered wrong despite having been part of the sentence in previous questions. I reported it as a missing answer.


    It is accepted now (as of 8-21-14).


    Usually the word at the top of the dropdown hints is the one to use. I wrote de boeken but thought i would check and changed my answer to het since het is above de.


    What about "Het zit tussen de boeken?"


    As it was explained before, the verb describes the position. We need to know the context in order to decline for one verb or the other. Zitten, legen, Staan and Zijn should all be accepted as right, as the position has not been indicated in the exercise. Hope its clear.

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