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  5. "They entered the apartment."

"They entered the apartment."

Translation:Elles sont entrées dans l'appartement.

April 14, 2020



the default should be masculine unless there is some indication that it was women no?


Every original sentence is written in French. The course creators have always managed to produce an equal number of feminine and masculine gendered pronouns. From an English sentence where the gender is not explicit, you can always enter a masculine or feminine translation because the translators have always stocked a double set of alternative translations.


Is it possible for someone to explain why 'dans' is needed in this sentence? Merci John


There is no other reason than the fact that "to enter" is directly transitive and "entrer" is not.

To enter a place = Entrer dans (closed place) or Entrer sur (open space).


comment il faut connaitre si on doit utilizer la feminine ou le masculine

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