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  5. "Il a neigé tous les jours !"

"Il a neigé tous les jours !"

Translation:It snowed every day!

April 14, 2020



Does anyone else hear him say est instead of a? Ok, my tinnitus is playing up, so that might be why, but it's said so quickly!


it snowed all day il a neige tout le jour it snowed every day il a neige tous les jours it snowed every day


"It snowed all the days" wrong?


Is all the days really something you would say in english ?


No, it's not something one would say in English.


unless you were writing some new scriptures.


If the previous sentence, which was "IT RAINED THE ENTIRE NIGHT," was translated to "il a plu PENDANT TOUTE LA NUIT," where the word PENDANT is used before using TOUTE when talking about a time period, is there some sort of parallel that should be followed in the current sentence? That is, should we also translate "It snowed every day" to "il a neigé PENDANT TOUS LES JOURS?" Thank you.

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