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"This actor is very popular in his country."

Translation:Cet acteur est très populaire dans son pays.

April 14, 2020



Why not en but dans?


English has "in" and French has "en" and "dans" (and other prepositions like "à" in some cases) for locations.

Generally speaking, "dans" is much more frequent than "en" so when it comes to places, the choice will more often be between "dans" ("in" as "inside") and "à" ("at" for a vaguer place).

  • "Dans son pays" but "En France" or "Au Japon" — feminine countries or masculine countries starting with a vowel sound (en) vs masculine countries (au/aux)
  • "Dans sa ville" but "à Paris" ou "à Tokyo" — all cities.


Ça marche aussi avec "célèbre"?


Hmm, not sure why "Cet acteur est très connu dan son pays" doesn't work! Is "connu" not acceptable for people?


why celebre not accepted

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