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All my students disappeared from my classes

Has this happened to anyone else? Not sure how to fix this, as we are remote learning, and I don't see my students anymore.

April 14, 2020



Okay, this is really bad, and I have not ever heard of it in my seven years of using Duolingo. I will report it for you. Hang tight.


I have not experienced any problems like this. Is this just for one class or multiple classes?


It’s new to me too! All three of my classes say there are 0 students. I’m at a loss.


I'm sorry to see that this has happened. Unfortunately, there isn't a way that I can revert the classrooms to the state before the students disappeared.

If you'll write to teachers@duolingo.com (I'll check here if you already have), and include the rosters of students for each class I'll assist by adding them back to your classroom.

Also, I'll investigate this issue further to see if I can replicate the potential bug.


Hi Kevin, I have a same problem. I can not see my students of one clas (V3B) anymore. I see their assignments and the class but not the students. Can you help and fix that?


DagmarCunze, try a different browser while you wait for Kevin's answer... I had a momentary spot of panic two days ago when that happened to me, but refreshing the page fixed everything. Fingers crossed that yours resolves quickly.



It does seem that the students are still appearing in this classroom when I impersonate your account, so it's likely an issue with the browser or a temporary hiccup.

If you're still unable to see the students, try logging in on an incognito window.

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