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  5. I want access to the words tab


I want access to the words tab

How does one opt-in to the beta test for the words tab? I used to use the vocabulary tab to help learn the new words. I know they are still testing it and it's not perfect, but I just want access to be able to view the new words in the lessons. I don't care about the strength indicator - it helps but I can do without it as long as I can see the list of new words.

Has anyone been granted access if you weren't one of their chosen ones to get access to it earlier?

July 19, 2014



Unfortunately, I believe there's no way for a control group (users without Words tab) to gain access to it by just asking. However, if you really ABSOLUTELY want it, you can create another account (sometimes when you do you may have the Words tab). I found that out when I made many other accounts a long time ago (don't blame me for making so many, I was just a little dissatisfied with every account I had).


That is a great idea. I'll create a new one and see what happens. Thanks for the input.

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