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I found a great youtube resource for learning gaidhlig is it against the rules to recommend it here

Hi found a great youtube channel (that I am not affiliated to in anyway) that really helped me to grasp the VSO sentence structure, understand the pronunciation, and get a handle on the grammar. I wanted to post it here to help other learners but I don't want to accidentally break any rules so if a mod could just let me know if it's allowed. I would be most grateful.

April 14, 2020



People post resources and links all the time. I've tried a fair number of them and currently use them as part of my language learning resources. So, as long as it's on target and older child-safe, feel free


Indeed they do.. and Gaelic with Jason (the one OP is talking about) is one of those already shared plenty of times. Still a good recommendation though.

If you put 'Gaelic with Jason' in the search box for the Gaelic forum you can see multiple threads show up. :)


Sorry I didn't know I can take it down...


No worries.. the forums are not that easy to navigate at first, so perhaps someone will see your post and it'll be their first encounter with it. Perhaps you could edit that post to include the name of the show though.

In case you're looking for more stuff to complement DL: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37747733

Good luck with learning Gaelic! By far the most entertaining course DL has. ;-)


Yes I will fix the post and I love the extra resources....I love the Scottish course... Welsh is really good too.

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