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Students are completing assignments but it isn't shown as completed.

If I could post a screenshot, I would.

So, like many of us, I assign a lesson like intro or phrases. Students completed the lesson, and when they do it is supposed to show up in the little green box that shows successful, on time work. If it's late, it shows up in the yellow-sh box. However, a good amount of my students are completing the work either on time or late, and the work is counted as missing in the red box. I can click on the individual student, go into their activity log, and see that they did complete the assignment.

Why won't it show up on the assignment or roster page as confirming that they have done their work? It's taking me so long to transfer grades into Google Classroom because I can't trust the assignment page and I have to go into each students' activity log to verify whether they did the work.

April 14, 2020



It's a widely reported issue that's likely related to a delay in response within the system, during active periods of the day.

We're investigating further so that we can provide some feedback and resolve.


We're experiencing the same issue right now. Hoping, that it will be fixed soon!


They need to use their school email address, click on PROGRESS SHARING in their profile, and click on JOIN class.


I'm having the same issue. My students are using computers and not the app and are definitely "in" my course.


I am also having this issue with my students. They join my class but for some reason they either can't see assignments or they complete them without having them show up as complete.

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