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"I hope that we're going to see each other again soon."

Translation:J'espère que nous allons bientôt nous revoir.

April 14, 2020



This sentence makes me want to just quit.


Nah, stick with it, Landon. Just think of it as a quadratic equation!!!!!


I can handle those.


"J'espère qu'on va bientôt nous revoir?" Why was this statement rejected?


because in the given sentence it is : ...nous allons bientôt nous. If you use 'on' the sentence will be : ... on va bientôt se revoir.


OK I wrote something wrong. "J'espere que nous allons nous bientot revoir". When did we learn that it should be bientot revoir and revoir bientot ? My quenstions are very seldom answered. If I am asking things I should not ask I PRESENT MY APOLOGİES İN ADVANCE!


Adverbs like encore, souvent, bientot, deja,... comes right after the first verb. Like: Je t'ai déjà vu. Il va bientôt dormir. Je vais bientôt me lever.


This question has been finally answered according to Duo's suggestion. But I still don't know the reason why. No one has answered my question yet.

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