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"Je vais mettre toutes mes chaussettes dans ces tiroirs."

Translation:I'm going to put all of my socks in these drawers.

April 14, 2020



...socks drawer, not drawers. Who has that many socks?


Tiroirs is plural, so you must put drawers, plural. You’re overthinking it.


Likee if you thought you'd be putting your owls in that "tiroirs"


I'm going to put all of my socks into these drawers. "Into is correct usage" . "The difference between in and into is whether or not there is movement. Into is used when something or someone is going or being put into another location. In is used to describe where someone or something already is. Ex: She is in the room."(language learning base.com)


"ce tiroir" sounds the same as "ces tiroirs", but the first option is not accepted

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