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"I would like a kilogram and a half of apples."

Translation:Je voudrais un kilo et demi de pommes.

April 14, 2020



Duolingo's really going to mark me down for writing out "kilogramme" in full? Reported 14/04/20.


Perhaps because we no longer say a kilogramme, even if it's correct, but only a kilo.


If this is true, they need to take it out of the drop-down hints. Don't suggest a possible answer and then mark it wrong. That's just mean spirited.


"Kilogramme" is accepted when you type your own answer. There is nothing mean there.


In other questions they write kilogram so mune dhould be accepted


? de pommes - des pommes -- why is this not plural? Found it under expressions of Quantity we must learn along with Beaucoup de autres! ! !


Un kilo de pommes, une bouteille de verre, une agence de voyages... all those are "nouns of nouns", where the second noun, after "de" and without an article give further information on the first noun in terms of its content, material, quality or purpose.


BRAVO Sitesurf — your explanation is a big help to me. Pour utiiser "des" vs "de" sont plus difficile pour moi!


I think I wrote this lesson zillions of times already, so I am copying and pasting what follows from another thread: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31998869

"Il y a des biscuits" is the plural of "il y a un biscuit". Therefore, the "des" is the plural indefinite article English does not have.

When the verb is in the negative, "des" becomes "de":

  • Il n'y a pas/plus/jamais de biscuits.

When there is an adjective before the noun, "des" becomes "de":

  • Il y a de bons biscuits.

When there is an expression of quantity including "de" before the noun, "des" disappears:

  • Il y a un peu de/autant de/moins de/assez de/plus de/peu de/beaucoup de... biscuits.

When a verb phrase includes "de", "des" disappears:

  • J'ai besoin de biscuits
  • J'ai envie de biscuits

With the "noun of noun" construction, where the second noun gives further information on the first noun in terms of its content, quality, material or purpose, "de" replaces "des":

  • Une boîte de biscuits
  • Une recette de biscuits

So "un kilo et demi de pommes" belongs to the latter rule.


Sitesurf, your explanations are always stellar! thank you!


Excellent explanation. Thank you.

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