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  5. "He goes there every day."

"He goes there every day."

Translation:Hij gaat daar elke dag naartoe.

July 19, 2014



If anyone else is wondering... heen is a postposition that often occurs with a preposition indicating movement. http://www.dutchgrammar.com/en/?n=WordOrder.38


I got the same mistake... :(


"Hij gaat daar elke dag heen" is also correct. Daarheen and daarnaartoe are the same thing


what's wrong with this sentence? "hij gaat daar elke dag"


I think it's because "daar" indicates location and not direction, i.e. you do something in a certain place every day, not that you go there every day. But perhaps a native speaker can confirm.


you nailed it. you can either use postfixes heen or naartoe to indicate a direction (same goes for hier + heen/ naartoe)


My sentence as well. I'm guessing that this is the English speaker's "go to" response and I'm wondering why it doesn't work in Dutch.


How in the world is one supposed to know to append "heen" to the end of what appears, to an English speaker, of a complete sentence, when "heen" has never been introduced as a word before?? I still don't even know what it means, as it's only a "correct answer" and nothing in any of the dropdown tips to this point! Way to be discouraging, Duo.


what's the difference between elke and iedere?


From my understanding, elke means each and iedere means every. So in this sentence whether you use elke or iedere, the meaning is the same.


Hij gaat naar daar elke dag toe?


Is «Hij gaat er elke dag naaetoe» exactly the same as «Hij gaat daar elke dag naaetoe»?

Any difference in meaning, sense, or context in which each of those two possibilities can or should be used?


...naaRtoe... , sorry about the typo

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