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Pronouncing and understanding...

Hello, French learners or teachers,

I am having a bit of trouble with pronouncing a lot of words, but I can fix that by listening to podcasts or movies. But every time I start a lesson, why is it so hard to understand the audio? What I mean is that I can only really understand when I am able to read it. Sometimes I can understand by hearing it, but why is it so hard to understand? How do I fix this? I just want to get better at understanding, because if I want to interact with a French person, it will be difficult to actually understand what they are saying.

April 14, 2020



You are just barely starting your journey. It will come. With practice - lots of practice.


take it easy, you are at the very beginning - it will come - you will get it - patience! and a lot of practice and repeat


They are of course absolutely spot on. We forget that the process of learning a parent tongue was actually a very long process. As adult and young adults we have in mind that it should be easy...

I would ask.. why did you choose the languages you chose...is it your lineage.. is it for work... why do you want it? If you can get to the crux of that question, you can find areason to stay focussed... picture/imagine what you will have gained when you are successful... keep that in mind as you plod through these first steps... because eventually, you're gonna realize you are progressing... and that nowfound ability will become infectious... you'll get there but as was said before it's gonna take some patience.


It's a bit early right now for you, as you are a real beginner, but soon you could watch youtube channels dedicated to french learning. They are meant to be used by learners and are often easier to follow than typical french movies or series. Some of them (1) have subtitles in both french and english, so you can make the connection between what you hear and words or sentences you can actually read and understand.

  1. Easy French on Youtube


Well, If you like watching videos, movies, cartoons… you can find a lot of content on YouTube or on the web, It will help you a lot ! Of course at the beginning this is really hard, but with a lot of practice and time, it will be easier. So keep working, it is not impossible ! (you can also listen to the french radio thanks to some app)

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