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"Nous devrons être très sérieux pendant nos études."

Translation:We'll have to be very serious during our studies.

April 14, 2020



why is"we must be very serious during our studies" incorrect?


You need to translate the future tense somehow.


IMHO I believe that "we must" implies the future. If we must do something, we're not doing it now, and we didn't do it yesterday.


"We must be very serious during our studies" can be a general truth about the constant attitude you have to adopt all the way through your studies. This could be said at any time during your studies. But the French sentence tells you they have not started their studies yet and it must show in the translation.


Yep. No joking or punning and keep a straight face whilst you repeat your lessons by heart!


During our studies sounds a bit odd to me. Could you say while we're studying?


Agreed, unless it means more broad, like time spent in a library or at university. But even then, I would never reach for "during our studies".


It is odd in English, but it may help you to remember to use "pendant" + noun in French. "While we're studying" would technically be pendant que + verb "pendant que etudions."


Why cant i move on after this question. It is stalled. Very annoyed

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