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  5. "Daarop staan zij."

"Daarop staan zij."

Translation:They are on there.

July 19, 2014


! Beware of these differences:
  • Erop = on it
  • Daarop = on there
  • Hierop = on here


Daarop could also mean on that?


In German this sentence would also mean "They really like that"/"They are really into it", because the word "darauf stehen" has a double meaning. Is that also the case with the dutch sentence?


Could anyone of native speakers please explain me what does "They are on there." mean? I am sort of totally stuck with this one. Edit: hm, it appears that Duo accepts "they are on that". Maybe it should be understood as "It is their point" or something like that?


Are you asking what "they are on there" means in English? It literally means that someone/something is standing/sitting/lying on something, for example:

Person 1: Where are the magazines? Person 2: Points to table They are on there.


I don't know why maybe it's just me, but as far as I can remember "they are on there" is not common... something sounds weird about that sentence... perhaps "They are over there" or "They are there" would be more suitable options.


It sounds weird because “there” refers to an area, not a thing, and one usually thinks of things being in areas and on things. It would be more natural to say either “they are over there” or “they are on that” in english. I translated it as the latter and it accepted my answer.


You are right, it does sound weird and it is an odd sentence to say


Thank you! Hmm, it is so literal that it makes me search subconsciously for some hidden meaning. This sentence definitely deserves a literality award.


You're welcome :) A similar sentence with a more figurative meaning would be: "They are onto something" or "They are onto something there" meaning "What they just said indicates that they are gaining a better understanding of the subject!"


also, "the lights are off in our house. (pointing) They are on there"


Why doesn't the sentence begin with the subject, like "zij staan daarop"?


Why not? On there, they stand


What does the english sentence mean?


How would one say "they stand up there"?

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Can "Daarop staan zij" also mean "they like it"? Like in German "sie stehen darauf"?


No, it doesn't have that meaning in Dutch.


I think I'm missing something but why is "They are standing there." not correct?


It's daarop, not daar.


"They are on there" sounds so unnatural if not incorrect. On the other hand the most natural translations for me would be "They are over there" or "They are standing over there", but they are not accepted. Am I missing something?

EDIT: Please ignore this comment. "On there" seems to be a correct translation.


That means something else.

  • they are on there - they are there on (top of) something
  • they are over there - they are (well...) over there, without any indication if they are on top of something or not and would be translated simply with daar.


Just to get a picture how awkward it sounds, simply google "They are on there" (with quotes). Result number one is a Duolingo thread (fishy). Second, third and fourth results are misspellings of "They are on their way" or "They are on their phones".

Maybe "They are on that (thing)" is a better translation?


Okay, I feel a little bit illiterate now hehe. My bad.


El2theK kindly explained in another sentence that "ermee" would not typically (or ever?) start a sentence in Dutch. So "daar" words do? Is there a rule for that? Do "hier" words also start sentences?


You can start a sentence with daar... (e.g. daarop) and hier... e.g. hierop), since they clearly point out a location (emphasis). Whereas er... (e.g. erop) is more abstract and hence will not be the most important part of the sentence. (In Dutch things that are important/emphasised are generally put towards the front of the sentence).


Not stanen for zij (they)?


No, the infinitive is staan.


A good website to check verb conjugation --- http://www.verbix.com/languages/dutch.shtml


How would you say in Dutch: "On that they stand"?

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