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"J'ai du mal à comprendre pourquoi ils font ça."

Translation:I have trouble understanding why they do that.

April 15, 2020



Don't you think "i have difficulty in understanding why they do that" is a good translation of this? Or is it wrong, as DL suggests. Seems to mean the same in English, and I prefer "difficulty" to "trouble" in this context, unless you would use a different set of french words to convey the concept of "difficulty" instead of "trouble".


I think either is good. Larousse gives both trouble and difficulty in. Probably duo just hasn’t added all the possible options. You should report it.


There is no "in" before "understanding" in any of the alternative translations.


Why is J'ai du mal translated in present tense? If that is correct, then how would you say "i had trouble.."


"J'ai du mal" IS present tense. I first thought this was "J'ai dû mal", which would have been passé composé, but the "du" is "de" + "le", not a past participle. Then "J'ai du mal" is (sort of) "I have some bad" or "I have trouble".

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