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Plural verbs

I am getting confused between the forms of verbs ending with -nt and -ons like voulons and veulent. Both are used in plural sense (Ills veulent and Nous voulons). So where is the difference?

April 15, 2020



ils is "they" nous is "we"


2020-04-14 I suggest you find a good French dictionary, or at least a conjugation table. However, a little mnemonic that may help is that the pronoun on, which can be used as “we”, is also found in the regular “we” conjugation Nous voulons. That leaves the -ent form, which ends in “T”, for use with the “They” pronouns: ils veulent. Does that help?

Timor mortis conturbat me.

 - vouloir - present tense -

      Je veux    I want
      Tu veux    You want
      Il/elle veut    He/she wants
      Nous voulons    We want
      Vous voulez    You want (plural)
      Ils/elles veulent    They want


There's three basic "persons", which are then doubled up for singular/plural.

I, you, him/her/it - then - we, you (plural), them.

It's mildly confused by French using the vous/you(plural) for formal singular, too. But that's a whole different can of worms...

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