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  5. "I like cooking on Friday."

"I like cooking on Friday."

Translation:Ik kook graag op vrijdag.

July 19, 2014



why is 'Ik hou van koken op vrijdag' not correct?


It should be, it's correct.


I don't know for sure if "ik hou" is accepted by duo, but houden is the infinitive, so the root should be "houd". But it seems like so many people write "hou", that it is a sort of slang that became colloquial and normal, even though it's not correct, you know what i mean?


Why can't I use 's vrijdags here?


's vrijdags isn't used anymore. 'Ik kook graag vrijdags' should work.


Vrijdags would imply every Friday, or "op elke vrijdag" or "op vrijdagen". Since the sentence is just saying they like cooking on that one particular Friday (and not every Friday), you use vrijdag.


I disagree. If somebody says "I like cooking on Friday" that would mean that it is a continual thing but doesn't necessarily mean every Friday.


I understand what you mean, but what is written is Friday/vrijdag. If someone meant that it's a continual thing or that it's more than that one Friday, then it should be, "I like cooking on Fridays." That should be the proper sentence. However, "I like cooking on Friday" is still grammatically correct and doesn't sound weird because the difference is just one letter!
When I first read the sentence, I too thought the implication you mentioned, but then I noticed it was singular, so I thought the sentence was a little wonky in real life sense, but knowing how Duolingo is, I knew they only wanted vrijdag, implication or not.


i suppose the dutch are a literal people


Why is "Ik vind koken op vrijdag leuk"? :( or is leuk in the wrong place?


That should definitely be accepted.


Here i have a question .. What is the difierence with " 's avond " i mean when does it mean that on (every evening)or just (one evening) ?


Surely friday is implied to be plural? Would 'vrijdagen' be wrong?


No, i would not take it to mean a plural. If i was using the plural, i would say, "I like cooking on Fridays." Or "-every Friday."


under 'hover', vrijdag is capitalized; are weekdays capitalized or not (except beginning a sentence, of course)?


Weekdays aren't capitalized.


Thank you very much!

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