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French songs

Hello! I'm really new to french I've been practicing for about 4 days and I was wondering if anyone has some recommendations for me. Thanks and here's a list of french songs I've been listening to for a while! (':

Derniere danse-Indila La vie en rose-Edith piaf Amour plastique-VIDEOCLUB Roi-VIDEOCLUB Tourner dans le vide-Indila

April 15, 2020



-Les Champs-Elysées by Joe Dassin is a really good one. It's calming and pretty sounding. The lyrics are simple, and every time I listen to it, I pick up on new words.

-Comment ça va by Patrick Sebastien is a really fine one that will get stuck in your head.

-Bella by Maître Gims is another very popular and good one.

-I also find it helpful to listen to French dubs of English songs too.

French is one of the most beautiful languages, and I love the sound of French songs, hope this helps!

[deactivated user]

    I love "Les Champs Elysées!" ...purrrrrr....


    Thank you for the recommendations! (':


    Thank you for sharing some songs! (':


    i recommend you listen to angele her music is amazing!!


    Je suis d'accord!


    Alright thanks! I'll check her music out


    Christine and the Queens has some good songs.


    I've made a list on YouTube of my favourite French songs. You might like them too: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu-6_ze1HUTQNMDbsp9u7nRJojeX0GveS

    Translations into English for nearly all of these songs can be found on the LyricsTranslate website.


    I really like this song from the movie La Famille Bélier, also recommend to see the movie :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBLwdaLPeds


    Thanks I'll watch it!


    Jacques Dutronc is a must for great, easy to learn, famous songs, e.g. 'Mini, mini, mini', 'Les cactus', 'La fille du père Noël', ‘Le bras mécanique’… I would also recommend Brassens and Bobby Lapointe but that will require a huge deal of knowledge to appreciate.


    If you want an easy song to learn - 'La mer' by The little Rabbits is an obvious one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcBn34ZFcCU


    Hey! Songs are a great way to learn a language. I find that learning vocab and grammar gets tedious after a while, so I will go back to listening to music and testing myself with a movie or the news. I made a playlist on spotify with my favourite go-to french songs.

    I'd recommend Stromae, Corneille, Maître Gims, Elle me dit by Mika, or Nekfeu if you really want to test yourself!


    Francis Cabrel avec "c'est écrit" ou encore "je l'aime à mourir" !

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