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Beginning French

Hello! I began learning french 4 days ago and, I was wondering if anyone had any advice such as how to take notes, sites to visit, anything would be really helpful. Thanks for reading this and comment any advice you have! (':

[edit] okay i fr need to know who donated so many lingots like rn like one of y'all sweet people donated lingots and i wanna give them back cause i honestly don't deserve them so if you donated these lingots please tell me i don't wanna keep them cause i didn't work for them

April 15, 2020



Read the tips before each lesson.

Do not take each lesson to level 5 before moving on. Instead take five lessons to level 1. Then take those five to level 2, and the next five to level 1. Then take the first 5 to level 3, the second five to level 2, and another five to level 1. Move down the tree in this fashion so that you keep returning to earlier lessons to reinforce what you have learned. This "spaced repetition" is proven to strengthen long term memory. This exact system is not the only way, but whatever method you use, be sure it includes spaced repetition.


Duolingo's recommended way of progressing through the course is described in this blog post: https://blog.duolingo.com/whats-the-best-way-to-learn-with-duolingo/

https://www.lawlessfrench.com/ has great grammar explanations.

I believe taking notes is a waste of time.


Agreed on the notes.

If you aren't remembering it, you need to practice more. You aren't going to start getting notes out when you want to start using it.


Some of us find taking notes an excellent way to reinforce the learning process. We are all different, so please do not dismiss note taking out of hand.


Taking notes help you remember. The act of writing and also sorting through what you have been presented with sorts thing out in your brain. Taking notes is not for a cheat sheet.

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I find taking notes helps with long term memory retention. Some people are visual learners, others are auditory or kinesthetic learners. The OP would probably know which type they are.


I'm not against taking notes in general, but I believe it adds very little value when you're already doing spaced repetition. There is no scientific support for different 'learning styles', by the way. It's one of those persistent popular psychology myths.

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Anecdotal evidence of different learning styles is surely enough when it comes down to personal preference. Why tell someone it's a waste of time, they can find out for themselves if it's useful?


Memrise is a good website and it might be useful to check it out ☺. It's completely free (unless you want to get premium) and it gives you some listening practice as well. ♥ www.memrise.com - Here is the link


News in Slow French is quite good for improving listening and reading.


Yes, i sometimes listen to News in Slow French.

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Listen to some French every day. I would say it's even more important than duolingo.

There are many podcasts and youtube channels aimed at learners. "Coffee Break French" is a good podcast that starts at the the very beginning and eventually gets pretty complicated French.


that's true..thank you!


Hello ! I started learning french at New Years - and this is how I do it. I choose one (like basic 1) and max it to 100%/level 5, while getting it to level 5 I also take notes on what I learned or what I think is difficult. If there are any words that I might think is hard to remember I usually write them down, to test myself during my work-hours( last two words were Happy and Funny in French, I always mixed them up, now they are easy.) I do the Stories on this website, and I'm still trying to find some good podcasts, but I think I'll have to wait because my french is still not that great.


Stay tuned, repeat lessons, try to view french tv, and keep forward. Bonjour :)


Answer: i just wanted to tell you that pronounciation in French is a bit difficult because some letters aren't pronounced like in English. I suggest wordreference. you can type any word you want, it gives you the translation and you canlisten to the pronounciation of the word. Hope I've helped.


Thank you, and you have helped have a good day!


French is very close to English so you should know more than you think just. keep trying.


i know a lot of people who will practice a language for a bit, then watch a movie or something in the language they're learning and try to translate along with what they're watching and take notes on what they struggle with or still need to learn so they can revisit those specific things


Thank you for this question! I just began yesterday, and the answers your question generated has given me so many tips to try. Now if only I can get my lips to move the way I want them to. :) I suppose that will come with consistent practice and time.


I began learning french about 5 days ago and I highly recommend youtube videos, and memrise, hopefully we can keep pace! :')


It is important to listen to and speak the language you want to learn. But, of course, reading is essential too.


Thanks for asking the question. I just started learning French this week. I hope I can keep pace with you.


I'll follow you and maybe we can keep track of our progress!

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As you're just starting try Super Easy French on Youtube.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fq_4V-Ia1z0 Good Luck


I take notes as well as repeat the lessons over and over. The ladder recommendation is a good way to go about it. That's exactly what I do as well. Just take the first lesson for a few different concepts and then return to the top and come down again. Also, you can use what you have learned and write paragraphs or random sentences. Try combining different concepts into one sentence. For example, Je travaille avec mon pere en un universite. Lastly, whenever you can, try saying sentences in French throughout your day. You will learn and others can too!


I honestly started complementing Duolingo with YouTube videos, give it a try to the numbers specially; also you can write down sentences or start to conjugate the verbs in a notebook, so when you get to the French lessons everything will be so much easier and storage in your brain. Good Luck!


Thank you so much for the advice and have a good day!


I am fortunante enough to have a friend who lives in France and she has been emailing me tips. She said to watch movies with french audio and English subtitles


Thanks for the advice!

[deactivated user]

    I know you're using Duolingo. But at any time, if you need to use a translator, please do not use google translate, use Wordreference.com


    I never used google translate cause when I was learning japanese I noticed a lot of things we're wrong with google translate, thanks for telling me about the website.


    Hi! Reading tips is so important by the way. You can take a look to verb types. There are 4 types of verbs and i am an A1 finisher. I went to course but duolingo helps me to not forget French. You can watch French series. (I like The Circle: France) I wanted to help you i hope i could help you !! :)


    There arent loads of texts but i find it really helpful for reading! https://lingua.com/french/reading/


    hallo! i've been learning french for a week now but i find it weird that it only teaches the singular form of the verb (ex. j'ai, tu as, elle a) and not the plural for we,you,them....is it going to further on? or do i have to check it out on my own? does anyone know? thanks for helping!


    Evangelia - you've barely scratched the surface!

    Looking at your progress through Duome - http://duome.eu/EvangeliaZ5/progress - you've taken the first few skills as far as you can go, level 5. You've done 6 skills... of 158...

    Now is not the time to be wondering what's included in the other 152 skills. Now is the time to be thinking "I've got a heck of a long way to go..."

    By the way, before you go any further, have a read of this... https://blog.duolingo.com/whats-the-best-way-to-learn-with-duolingo/


    ;) thank you! I just wanted to know if this is going all the way on high standard knowledge or it just teaches how to communicate on first base..!


    You'll get plurals as well as a couple of future and a couple past tenses as well.


    When taking notes, think about the information presented. If need be, do more research on other sites. Be willing to update your notes as you learn more. Also read the sentence discussions.


    Hello @xbluevbionics. Yes hit the lightbulb to READ THE TIPS then you won't ask dumb questions on the forums.
    I don't take notes. I had a good grounding in French right through my school years and have kept up the interest. It still requires real effort because slipping back to your mother tongue is easier and unfortunately the whole world seems to speak English now.

    Listen, listen, listen to anything in French - eg Duo and any other language learning apps, Youtube, French radio and TV news. Watch the French version of your fave series. Read French magazines onlinebor at your local library. Play songs in French.

    I look forward to seeing your progress in six months or so.


    I'm sorry for asking a "dumb question" I was just seeing if there was any advice before I step into the language. I'm very sorry if I seem to annoy you. :/


    I am truly sorry if you thought i was suggesting you asked a dumb question. Not what i meant at all.
    I was reiterating what many others were saying that It is very helpful to read the lightbulb Tips before each section. So many people don't know they exist.


    It's my fault for not understanding, I'm sorry I caused trouble.


    You didn't ask a dumb question. Your question generated a good number of helpful responses and garnered a number of upvotes. have a lingot and enjoy your learning

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