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Today I tried taking an order in Spanish at the restaurant where I work... and it went really well!

When I'm home from college in the summer I work at Chick-fil-A, a fast food restaurant in most of the U.S. My area has a large Hispanic population, many of which speak zero or very little English. What usually happens in this situation is the cashier taking the order points at the menu, drink options, etc. and hope the order comes out correct. Today I had the opportunity to serve a Hispanic family that spoke very little English, and I decided to put my Spanish to the test.

As I heard them discussing in Spanish what they intended to order, I decided to start ringing it up as they discussed it. When they began to order, I told them that I am learning Spanish, and I had already completed their order. I read it back to them, and they told me it was all correct.

Before they left we had the opportunity to talk longer, and we talked about where they were from, where I go to college, and a little bit about how I had been learning Spanish. They asked where I had been taking classes, and how much it cost, and I told them that I had been learning for free online. I even pointed them towards Duolingo to work on their English!

It was really awesome to see that my work has been paying off, and to see the looks on the faces of the family when they saw the effort I made to speak with them in their language. I could see that it was the highlight of their day, and it was definitely the highlight of mine as well.

I just thought I would post this as an encouragement to stick with it, because using Duolingo you will definitely see results. I should be finishing my tree within the next few days, and I look forward to continuing to improve and learn with Duolingo!

Update, 7/21/14: I just finished my tree! I still need to strengthen everything to gold, but I'm really excited to have reached my goal. To those who have continued to use Duolingo after completing their tree, what are your thoughts on doing a reverse tree? I plan on doing one, but I don't completely understand how it works or if it is worth my while.

July 20, 2014



Really awesome! I really wish someday, I could speak with someone who knows very little English and help them. Every success story inspires me to work even harder on my Spanish!

10 lingots for you! :)

EDIT: Congrats on finishing your tree! You should try out the reverse tree for a few lessons. I think it will help you lots with your Spanish!


Happens all the time with us...I moved my family to Panama (the country) to work in an English speaking school, and we interact with people all the time around town that do not speak English...I like to say that I'm fluent in restaurant Spanish and grocery store Spanish...


Thank you! Just look all around you, with a little bit of knowledge in multiple languages (as evidenced by your Duolingo levels listed) you are bound to have the opportunity someday! :)


Do you ever get confused between Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian? They seem very similar to me.


THis is really inspirational and motivating. I'm waiting for the right opportunity to put my spanish to the test. Keep up the good work and continue on the path to fluency Adios =)


Awesome!! This really encourages me to continue my language learning :) One day I would love to have a conversation with someone who understands very little English - thought foreigners in the languages I am learning/try to learn (Spanish, Dutch, French, German) are pretty rare in my area. Congrats on the achievement though :)


If you get the opportunity to practice, don't be afraid to take it. Even if you don't feel very confident it will give you a huge confidence boost and the person you're speaking with will be impressed at your effort no matter how it goes :)


Ask for help! If you need, ill learn you a bit Dutch it is my native language :)


There are no foreigners in my area, either. Verbling is a great place to speak with groups of people from all over the world. I have spoken Spanish with people from the USA, Spain, Morocco, Algiers, Chile, Peru, Colombia, England...


I did this when I worked at Chick-fil-a too. :)


It's a great place to work and practice!


That's so terrific! You should be really proud of your hard work.


¡¡Bravo, Jordy!!! Así se hace, no es poca cosa, hay que tener valor. Yo estoy con el inglés y sí, el curso inverso sí sirve, yo lo estoy haciendo después de terminar mi árbol de inglés. Te regalo un lingot.

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