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  5. Tha mi a' seòladh..


Tha mi a' seòladh..

I've looked just about everywhere I could think of, however could not find the Gaelic song version after reading the post about the sentence 'I am sailing'.. but I did find this beauty:


Hope you don't mind me sharing.. our little budgie loves it too and happily sings along.

April 15, 2020



You're welcome! :)


Let it be known that I think about this post at least once a week. It's bugging me a lot.


Could someone with a larger Gaelic vocabulary have a look at this and share a more correct translation? I've done my best, with the help of Am Faclair Beag and Google, and this is what I came up with so far:

Tha mi a' seòladh

Tha mi a' seòladh

Dachaigh a-rithist

Thar an t-sàile

Tha mi a' seòladh

Uisgeachan stoirmeil

A bhith faisg ort

A bhith saor

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