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  5. "Wat willen zij hiermee?"

"Wat willen zij hiermee?"

Translation:What do they want with this?

July 20, 2014



hierbij of hiermee? what is the difference?


"Wat willen ze hierbij" means that they have something, and they want to add something else. Let's say you have some coffee. The café has some amazing pies, so the waiter asks "Wilt u er nog wat bij?" ('Would you like something with it'). ("Erbij" and "hierbij" are similar)

"Wat willen ze hiermee" means something else. I don't know how to explain this, so let me give you some examples:

  • Wat wil je hiermee zeggen? - What do you want to say with this?
  • Wat moet ik hiermee? - What should I do with this?
  • Ik kan hiermee leven. - I can live with this


Wait... in the previous lesson I learned that "with this" is "ermee". So what's the difference between that and "hiermee"?


I believe "ermee" means "with it" (er replaces "het") and "hiermee" means "with this/these." Hope that helps!


Is 'Wat willen zij met dit' also a correct option?


No. The reason for this particular module is to teach us that in Dutch, you never say "with it" or "with this", etc. It is always the Dutch equivalent of "therewith" or "herewith", etc.

(When you are talking about people instead of things, the pattern is different. Then you can use a preposition followed by a pronoun. But not with things!)


Would "Wat willen zij?" be a complete sentence in Dutch which means "What do they want?" in English? Thanks.


Yes, it's a complete sentence :)


Is it only me or is it actually hard to hear the difference between "ze" and "zij"? I think that could be better spoken.

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