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I let my students create their own emails and they started to change them to inappropriate emails

hi so I let my students create their own emails but some of them somehow they changed their emails to become inappropriate emails and names please tell me how to fix this Thanks!

April 15, 2020



I feel your pain, Ellakapsin. My very first year with Duolingo, I let students choose their user names. I spent the rest of the year trying to figure out who was "Dankmemes" and who was "It's ya boi!!!"

I learned my lesson and afterwards have always told them they need to use their first name, or I have no idea and they don't get a grade.

So... Sigh... The only suggestion I have for you is to contact your students -- either announce in your virtual classroom, or send a blanket e-mail out to students (and CC their parents) and say, "Golly, I am truly sorry, but some of your names are so silly and I can't figure out to whom they belong. Please change them to your first name if you want a grade."

Good luck, and I hope this handles the situation for you.


You can't, it's their email, you can ask them to change it, but that's all you can do.


You can, if they want a grade. Nothing wrong with setting the rules as @MadamSensei explained above. It is ok and good for you to give them appropriate standards.

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