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"L'acteur de cette série formidable est irlandais."

Translation:The actor from this terrific series is Irish.

April 15, 2020


[deactivated user]

    The answer given is clunky English. I wrote "the actor in this tremendous series is Irish" and was marked wrong. It's really frustrating to get marked wrong incorrectly so often!


    I put, "The actor of this wonderful series is Irish." Nope incorrect. But then looking over the correct sentence they give, maybe it was my use of "of" instead of "from". Whatever. Always a guessing game when it comes to some words on what is acceptable.


    I think that you're correct. I also missed this because I used "of" rather than "from"... I reported it.


    Ça doit être Peaky Blinders


    In fairness Irish actors are phenomenal!


    It is unfortunate that DL has such a limited range of adjectives. Terrific, wonderful, amazing, dazzling....all would work and should be correct


    i also wrote wonderful and was told wrong. Formidable means wonderful, amazing, brilliant, fantastic, terrific...for god's sake be more openminded .


    I translated "formidable" as "wonderful" and it was counted wrong. Apparently I was supposed to translate it as "terrific." My answer should be counted right.


    I said the "The actor from this wonderful series is Irish" and was marked wrong.


    the actor of this amazing series is irish - refused


    How is this wrong? "The actor from this wonderful series is Irish."


    "The actor from this formidable series is Irish" should be accepted.


    Formidable is a false cognate, so it would be incorrect. A proper translation in French would be wonderful or terrific.

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