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  5. "Good night, James."

"Good night, James."

Translation:Oidhche mhath, a Sheumais.

April 15, 2020



why do we slenderise the end of Seamas here? It's not in the genitive case? S:


It’s in the vocative case (that’s also the reason for leniting particle a before the name).


do we usually slenderise the ends of names in the vocative? i've never noticed that before?


Most masculine names do, as do many other masc. nouns – when they form genitive by slenderization (eg. a chait mhòir (oh) big cat!, a bhalaich bhig (oh) little boy!).

See Masculine nouns on the Akerbeltz wiki.

This particular vocative (a Sheumais /ə heːmiʃ/), by the way, is the source of the name Hamish in English (so Hamish is just very Gaelic James…).

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