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How can I ask a question in French?

If I want to ask something like 'What season is it?' Is it correct to say 'Quelle saison est-elle?' (because saison is a feminine noun) or is there some other way to ask it?

Or if I want to ask about what week it is, do I say 'Quelle semaine est-elle?' or 'Quel saison est-il?'

So basically, do I use quel and quelle to ask the question based on the gender of the noun?

Thank you!

April 15, 2020



Hello, in French we say "Quelle saison est-ce ?", or "on est en quelle saison ?" (familiar) I begin in English, so it's possible you don't understand very well what I say. For the week, we say "Quelle semaine est on ?", or "on est quelle semaine ?" (familiar) You have to use "quel" or "quelle" fot the questions based of the gender of the noun. But in French we usually say "on est... Quelle semaine/quel mois/ quel jour, quelle année ?"

I hope I help you


Thank you so much for replying, it's clear for me now.


Asking for a season is tricky because the sentence structure is specific. You say nous sommes en été, au printemps, en hiver.... Then, for a question you would say En quelle saison sommes-nous ?

This is not the best example to learn how to build a question in french.


I am maybe not right but as a French speaker person I find these sentences really weird. I think that seeing "En quelle saison sommes nous ?" is more appropriate because saying "Quelle saison est elle ?" is like talking to a person. Sorry for the English mistakes and good luch with French


Thanks, and your sentences in French are better than mine


Thank you! Very much appreciated

[deactivated user]

    You do select based on gender - but both season and week are feminine, so would use Quelle. Month is masculine, and would use Quel.

    Quel mois est-il ?


    No, you'd say more probably Quel mois est-ce ? or Nous sommes en quel mois ?

    Your sentence works only for Quelle heure est-il ?


    Thank you for your reply!

    [deactivated user]

      you are welcome


      You are correct, the way you described is the "formal" way to ask questions. In some cases there is a more informal way to propose a question but both are correct.

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