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Accusative Pronouns

The question was check all the translations of "The kid likes her mother". Why is "Das Kind mag seine Mutter" correct? seine means his

August 8, 2012



No, it's not a bug. When the word is "Der" and "das" you have to use "seine". You just use "ihre" with "die" nouns. Das Kind liebt seine Mutter. The child is the one who loves. (Das Kind-seine) Die Frau liebt ihren Mann.(die Frau-ihre)) Der Mann liebt seine Frau. (der Mann-seine) Die Männer lieben ihre Frauen (die Männer (pl)-die)


@ingridbrammerl is correct, I got tripped up by the actual gender of the kid, not the grammatical gender of the German noun "Kind."

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