Translation:The newspaper is yours.

4 years ago



Why is the answer on this page different to what is put up as the answer on the lesson? Here:the newspaper it's yours. Lesson:the newspaper is for you

3 years ago


The newspaper is for you? Mine said the correct translation is from you, which is a strange thing to say. Is there a contextual hint in here that I'm missing?

4 years ago


Why is this from and not for? Both are definitions of van correct?

3 years ago

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Prepositions are used differently in different languages, even ones as close as Dutch and English. Depending on the words around it they can mean something different.

  • The newspaper is for you = De krant is voor jullie
  • The newspaper is yours = De krant is van jullie (van means owned by)
  • The newspaper comes from you = De krant komt van jullie (van means originates from)

More on Dutch prepositions: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3782321

3 years ago


I said "the newspaper is yours" Would that me 'yours' over 'from you' ?

3 years ago


the newspaper is for you should be accepted

2 years ago
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