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  5. "De krant is van jullie."

"De krant is van jullie."

Translation:The newspaper is yours.

July 20, 2014



Why is the answer on this page different to what is put up as the answer on the lesson? Here:the newspaper it's yours. Lesson:the newspaper is for you


The newspaper is for you? Mine said the correct translation is from you, which is a strange thing to say. Is there a contextual hint in here that I'm missing?


I thought jullie was for plural things


Why is this from and not for? Both are definitions of van correct?


Prepositions are used differently in different languages, even ones as close as Dutch and English. Depending on the words around it they can mean something different.

  • The newspaper is for you = De krant is voor jullie
  • The newspaper is yours = De krant is van jullie (van means owned by)
  • The newspaper comes from you = De krant komt van jullie (van means originates from)

More on Dutch prepositions: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3782321


the newspaper is for you should be accepted

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