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  5. "Het paard is nogal snel."

"Het paard is nogal snel."

Translation:The horse is quite fast.

July 20, 2014



Hmm, 'quite' is a funny one. In US English it means 'to a greater extent', so a quite fast horse would be faster than a fast horse. In UK English, it's ''to a lesser extent'', so a quite fast horse would be slower than a fast horse. Which is it in Dutch?


I wouldn't quite say (usage unintended) that's an accurate depiction of meaning, though maybe it might reflect usage. Quite means to the greatest extent (Collins) in both standards, but in both, have a secondary meaning of to a noticeable or partial extent. The usage section implies UK usage usually means to a noticeable but partial extent, but is more variable than US usage of to a great, but not the greatest extent.


I would also QUITE like to see this question addressed. I had never really thought about its usage in US and UK English before. I only imagined uptight British people saying, "Yes, quite."


'Hey, that's quite fast.' means faster to a greater extent in UK English. But in this case it's emphasised. 'Hey, that's QUITE fast.'


In the slower mode, the "s" in "snel" seems to have been cut off.


Both "enough" and "quite" should be accepted... I searched in a dictionary and it's "assez" wich means "enough". "Quite"→ "plutôt" in French


Not all meanings mentioned in a dictionary work in all contexts.:

  • The horse is fast enough = Het paard is snel genoeg

This has a different meaning from:

  • The horse is quite fast = Het paard is nogal snel


What is the difference between "nogal" and "zeer"? as in, are they interchangeable or do they have slightly different meanings?


Zeer means very. So the horse is very fast. Nogal means quite as in the horse is quite fast.


I'd rather use "rather" as a translation for "nogal" here. To me, "rather" conveys the meaning of "nogal" better than "quite".


More accurate translations would be "Het paard is best snel" or "Het paard is vrij snel".

"The horse is rather fast" would translate to "Het paard is nogal snel".

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