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Speaking and using 'et'

hi guys. I am confused when it comes to speaking when there is the word 'and'. For example, a cat and a man in french would be "un chat et un homme" . When i heard the narrator speaking, it seems like the 'et' is silenced. Can anyone help with these? Merci!

April 15, 2020



Salut! often when speaking french some words (like et) do not stand out. I am learning Italian and experienced the same thing. Try pressing the turtle button to have the narrator speak more slowly!


Où sur le corps est ce bouton ? /s

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    It's in the centre of the stomach. But don't push anyone's turtle button unless you know them REALLY well, as it may work differently than you expected!


    Sur le corps, ou est ce bouton ?


    2020-04-15 As relox84 points out, the “t” at the end of et serves only to change the pronunciation of the “e”. It is not itself pronounced. And the word et is never subject to a liaison, which is why you do not hear a “t” in et un homme. Like Melissa says, it’s a good habit to play the slow speed when you can just to make sure you don’t miss any little words.

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    That's because the t in "et" is silent. You should pronounce "et" like "é". If you pronouce the "t" in "et" the person you're talking to will hear it as "est" - "un chat est un homme" (a cat is a man...) We have lots of silent letters in French!

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